I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1980, and began working paraprofessionally in the counseling field in 1974.  Since that time I have helped countless couples and individuals deal with all sorts of issues, including sexuality, communication, intimacy, assertiveness, self esteem, depression, and anxiety. It has been very satisfying to see so many people grow stronger emotionally, and to help them change or accept challenging life circumstances so they can feel more content and whole.

All of my professional career has been spent in Santa Barbara County. Over the years I have worked at numerous agencies, including the Family Violence Project, Santa Barbara Night Counseling Center, and Planned Parenthood.  For one year I worked at Vandenburg Air Force base, counseling families in the military. For twelve years I was a group leader at C.A.L.M., helping to reshape and maintain the program for Adults Molested As Children. Each of these venues presented their own challenges and inspiration.

For six years in the nineties I co hosted a radio show at KCSB, the University of California at Santa Barbara radio station.  Our show was called Women's Radio Forum, and I interviewed local women about their work and lives. My guests often commented that they felt safe and comfortable with me on the air, as I liked to create an ambiance which was both enjoyable for our listeners and supportive for the interviewee.

I am an active member of the local chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and was an officer of that organization for a number of years in the eighties.

As a former member of the first graduating master's class at Antioch University Santa Barbara, I especially enjoy working with students who are enrolled at the local universities and colleges, and with interns who are accruing their psychotherapy hours for licensing requirements. 

My clients say I have a warm presence and a non judgemental approach.  Read what else some of them have said in my


California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners License number MFC15404


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