Experiencing loneliness in your intimate relationship?

Feeling disconnected to your life partner, your family, or yourself?

Therapy can help.

Using the PLISSIT model, taught to me many years ago by sex therapist Lonnie Barbach, I offer my clients, as needed, a combination of:

PERMISSION, to try new things, to be who they are, to speak their truth

LIMITED INFORMATION, such as how the sexual response cycle works, for example, or how the aging process may affect desire

SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS, such as using "I statements" to talk about our feelings in a more effective manner and

INTENSIVE THERAPY, using such techniques as Gestalt empty chair work, or guided relaxation, to delve into family of origin issues.

My office is located in a quaint old fashioned garden cottage in historic old town Santa Barbara. Clients report that they feel safe and relaxed here, and lots of good emotional work gets done.

I offer both BRIEF THERAPY, which usually lasts several sessions or several months, while we focus on one or two particular issues, and also LONG TERM COUNSELING, which may last a year or more, when assistance and support with deeper, ongoing healing is needed.

Call for a brief complimentary telephone consultation to see if we are a good match for working together. If it appears that you need a therapist with a different style, I am a good source of referrals for other professionals in the field.




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