I began seeing Karen when starting my graduate program studies. Although I was training to become a Psychotherapist, I had never undergone the process myself. I was extremely nervous; I had been avoiding this moment for years! While working with Karen I began to explore many difficult topics; I found myself revealing all the thoughts I had never before discussed with anyone. After a short while, the relationship felt so trustworthy that I was able to talk about many painful feelings, and admit to behaviours, which I had spent so much time trying to hide. I was amazed by the way Karen responded to me. (She) was never fazed, always able to reflect back something I had missed. In therapy with Karen, I worked to forgive, accept, know, and embrace my self. The experience changed who I am forever…

Keith, age 32



My partner and I sought Karen's services for couple's and individual counseling.  As a member of the gay community, I initially hesitated seeking advice and insight from someone in a heterosexual relationship, however my concerns were all for naught.  Karen gets all relationships, how they tick, how they sometimes falter, and how they can be mended.  Karen goes above and beyond the call of duty because she is genuine, caring and real.  Without hesitation, I would highly recommend her services and feel blessed to have found her.

Kerry, age 43



Karen was my counselor for our AMAC group and I have also worked privately with her. Karen is a skilled and caring group leader and counselor. She is extremely knowledgeable about sexual abuse issues. In the group setting and in private sessions, Karen was ALWAYS loving, warm, compassionate and wise. I treasure the healing work I did with her.

Claudia, age 57


I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all your hours of listening and wisdom. I couldn’t have gotten through it all without your help. Know that your words stay with me no matter where I go!

Elizabeth, age 34


After almost 35 years of not dealing with life altering experiences as a child, my past had finally become an issue in my adult life. Karen has been instrumental at working with me to overcome, work through and understand so many troubling aspects of my childhood and current life. With Karen we slowly and gently, yet diligently, processed what I hadn’t been able to for so long. I have a new outlook on life and my family, and I couldn’t be happier about the direction I am going now. Karen truly helped me understand my past and myself, so that I could overcome and conquer anything in life moving forward!

Cynthia, age 42



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